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Suzy for Marie Claire Korea Aug ‘14 (x)


Angelina jolie 19 old, By Michel bourquard 1994

Beyoncé being hella cute on stage.

Junho BAILA August 2014 (excerpt)


C - Chansung
[What is the relationship between you two?]
Chansung-kun and I have a dangerous relationship (laugh). We live in the same dorm together, so we are close neighbors with rooms that face each other. We also use the same toilet & bathroom. Recently, because the door won’t completely close, we can see everything the other one is doing (laugh). Although there was a time when I thought “hmm~” around the time we debuted, I’ve become used to it after all since we’ve been together for all these years now. Just a few days ago I looked back when I was taking a shower and he was brushing his teeth at the sink where no one should have been, but it didn’t really surprise me.

[A secret story]
I accidentally put on Chansung’s underwear. When I was putting my legs in I had a sudden moment where I thought “huh?” but I put them on anyway (laugh). Truthfully, it happens often. It’s because the person who cleans up our dorm puts our washed clothes in a pile in the same place. Even though I write the letters “JH” onto my underwear, it happens anyway. … Wait a second. I’m sure I had put on ones that said “JH” on them but they seemed big. Which means… perhaps Chansung wore them before me and I put them on after he stretched them out? That would make writing the names meaningless (laugh).

JPN-ENG: dawnjelly


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